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At Optimo Health our vision is clear: offer a caring, consistent, and humanized healthcare system. On this single platform you will find sophisticated technology, innovative thinking, and excellent people.

Our Mission

Offer a simple, caring, and integrated healthcare system. We optimize the patient's experience by managing risks, promoting wellness, and lowering healthcare costs. This is possible due to our sophisticated technology, innovative thinking, and excellent people.

Our Actions

We provide our clients access to a highly-qualified clinician, in any language, location, scope of practice, and setting. Our unified platform simplifies the continuous care for both patient and clinicians by facilitating contact and promoting health.

Our goals

Bridge the gap between convenience and compliance. We offer excellent patient experience by following a complete care coordination model, and creating technology that meets the demands of the new healthcare era.

Global Changes in 2020

Not only did people have to rethink the way they work and study, but COVID-19 also made them seek healthcare in a safer and more convenient way.

It means Telemedicine

is here to stay...

Telemedicine is One of the Fastest Growing Markets in Healthcare.

Telemedicine Market is Expected to Grow Quickly

Driven by Rapidly Growing Demand

Us Market Will Experience the Largest Share of Spend

Telemedicine Integrates Multiple Sectors of Digital Health

...and Optimo Health is

Taking the Lead

The state-of-the-art virtual care platform that is:


Into Daily Practice as the New “Medicine”


Patient can find all specialties in the same place

Simple & Scalable

Care service only one click away

Patient Driven

Our patients are behind the steering wheel

Easy Access

Anywhere, any time, any device

Cost Effective

Prices are based on the Acuity ® Scale.


Digital nature allows for Big Data Benefits

Demand Driven

COVID-19, Care Coordination, Population Health, Employer Health

With Optimo Health, you will have

instant access to all the tools and innovation to deliver healthcare

, regardless of the distance in any language, and scope of practice and in any setting.

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