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Find what you need with our curated nexus of network-certified healthcare system. Our nexus consist of community-based ancillary services, (Pharmacies, Labs, Image Centers) to acute and post-acute facilities. The right resource for you is only one click away.

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How It Works

At Optimo Health we gather all patients in one place and provide them all the services they need. We enable you to broaden your capabilities in virtual care with on-demand access to services. These include national Clinical Services Providers (licensed in your state), Laboratories, Mobil Imaging, Visiting Nurses, and other specialties. We offer care coordination at its finest and with the touch of a button.

Our partners and members offer a range of specialties services to meet your healthcare solution’s virtual care needs.

Community-Based Care (Labs, Clinics, Pharmacies, Diagnostic Imaging, DMEs)


Acute Care (Specialty Clinics, Rural Hospitals)


Post-Acute Care (IPRs, SNFs, ALFs, And ILFs)


Benefits of Contribution

The Nexus accreditation service makes sure that all parts involved work in collaboration to provide the best-in-class care to any organization looking for reliable, licensed, and credentialed resources. Our partners are also able to share their expertise nationwide.


Immediate business development opportunity with hundreds of clients in need of your services.


The Nexus providers are certified by the Optimo Health Network to be compatible with the Optimo Health Virtual Care Platform


Our partners are all credentialed and certified by the OptimoHealth care Delivery Network. We provide services to all strategic partners.


Optimo Health lets you choose a resource that fits your strategy and will support your implementation.

Do you have any specialties that could

contribute to our Nexus?

Your investment can become a new business opportunity if you share your expertise.



Optimo Health provides continual, live support and services in IT as well as in staffing. We ensure that your solution is working the way it needs to take the best care of the patients 24/7.

Outsourced Services

We offer a wide range of technical and management support services so that your internal team can implement our technologies.

Nursing Support Services

Our expert support services consist of the best professionals in the industry, both employed and partners. They provide the support you need to your health system while you implement and practice virtual care.

Clinical Services

We provide continuous access to on-demand certified clinician experts on a variety of clinical scopes of practices. Excellent care for a low fee.

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