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The most advanced, flexible, and streamlined virtual care solution. We deliver CARE anywhere, anytime, on any device, any language, any scope of practice, and in any setting.

Our Value Preposition:

A unified Health System

Optimo Health Platform | VCaaS Model "Vitual Care as a Service"

Multi Party Capability

Multi-Specialty Call Capabilities will integrate multiple Parties in One Video Session

Care Pathway Management (CPM)

Skills-based Routing with Customized Workflows

Secure Content Sharing

Securely share content, whiteboard, screen, audio, video, images, and documents

Secure SMS/MMS

Avoid tedious voicemails and call backs, coordinate patient care

Peer-to-Peer Encryption

Reduce the RISK of PHI Breach when opting in a BYOD program

Team Communication

To quickly reach members of the entire healthcare team

A True Clinical

Operating System

We deliver value through our extensive knowledge of the healthcare environment. Optimo Health supports the best in class clinical innovation, and our investment in you.

The Optimo Client Advocate Program

A Single Point of Accountability

24/7/365 Live Support

Staffing Solutions Include End-User Support, Dedicated Care Coordinators, and More

Proactive Platform Monitoring, Maintenance, Patching and Upgrades

Custom Reporting and Business Intelligence

HITECH, HIPAA & PCI Compliance

We ensure security, so you can focus on your business.

PCI Compliance




PCI Compliance




The most secure PCI & HIPAA-compliant VirtualCare Platform

Safe BYOD Programs, all pictures, documents and files are stored in AWS S2 Healthcare.

Only the intended recipient can decrypt data. No one else can (including Optimo Health).

The entire archive of messages, documents, and PHI is under your control, not your vendor`s.

Move the risk of storing Credit Card data to someone who specializes in doing that.



Flexibility to bridge the gap between CONVENIENCE and COMPLIANCE


• Customizable Clinical Intake Forms

• On-Demand / Scheduled eVisits and eConsults

• One-to-one /one-to-many eVisits and eConsults

• Device settings for multiple audio/video screens

• Customizable Patient Dynamic Room Waiting Room

• Invite to Consult (email / SMS)

• Mute/unmute mic & camera

• Capture & share images, videos, and audio

• Record consultation (Provider only)

• Transparent careplan on call for eye-to-eye contact

Patient Engagement

• Easiest to Use: Initiate Call with the Touch of a Button

• Direct communication with Care Team & Care Givers

• Pre-Visit & Post-Discharge notes, Rx, and access to all orders, labs, referrals, and results

• Open calendar to schedule appointments

• Secure Payment Portal

• Prescription refills

• Social Media login

Advance Dashboard/Admin Features

• KPI Metrics / Report Exporting to multiple formats

• Account/user Management

• Schedule Management

• Create/Manage your ancillary Clinical Network

• Create and define all Roles and Responsibility

• Manage and assign tasks to all staff

• COVID-19 Dashboards and metrics

Archive & Audit Logs

• Message Archive behind your firewall

• Archive policy under your control

• Fully searchable fore-discovery and auditing

• Monitor user & message activity

Federal, State and Local Laws

• State`s Telemedicine Rules

• State`s ePrescribing Rules

• Covid-19 State and Local Ordinance

• Consultation Routing based on Credentialing States

On-Call Scheduling & Notifications

• View users who are on-call in any department

• Easily communicate with on-call physicians

• Realtime sync of on-call schedule changes

• Quickly resolve patient issues

Electronic Medical Record (EMR)

• Charting with Open SOAP Notes format

• ePrescribing with EPCS

• Integrated Practice Management

• Insurance Verification

• Workflow customization for all care settings

• E/M Coding

• Lab integration

Deployment & Integration

• Fast implementation (be up in hours, not days)

• EMR/EHR Agnostic Integration

• iframe (Embedding your current EMR/EHR into the cadence health application)

• iFrame + (A hybrid integration format using iFrame and our back-engine API)

• API (full customization option)

Secure Messaging

• Group & Broadcast messaging

• Message Delivery Status (Sending, Delivered, Read)

• Customizable Quick Message List

• Message Priority Flags (Urgent, ASAP, FYI)

• Request Acknowledgement

• Securely exchange PDF, XLS, DOC files, PNG, etc.

• Selectively upload conversations to patient record

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